‘Ding Ding’, our 2D animated graduation film, in a few numbers :
We were a team of 5 people,
the movie is 6 minutes long, 
we had 2 years to make it, 
it is made of 107 shots, 
it was selected in 2 festivals, 
it went out in 2019, 
it got 68 thousand views. ​​​​​​​
Our short film tells the story of two young kids, Sam and Alex, entering an abandoned bar, guided by a magic token. By putting it into a pinball machine, they wake up a facetious djinn who defies them in a pinball game. If they win, three of their wishes will be fulfilled, but if they lose, they will be locked up in the pinball machine forever...
Credits : 
Directed by : Romane Wach, Mathilde Prevost, Judith Larrede,
  Marine Lepron, Luc Desdunes
Voice : Léon Verdé, Romane Wach, Judith Larrede
Music : Ellie Periers, Bonzer Mandal
Sound design : Ellie Periers, Hesat Recordings

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