Run cycle made at Animade as a play project
with only five keyframes and a loooooooot of expressions
using After Effects! 
Working on personal animation projects is really important to me, as it enables me to continuously explore and refine my unique style while honing my animation skills. I love experimenting with new techniques and pushing my boundaries, not only to improve my skills but also to prepare myself for new challenges in future
client projects.

As you’ll scroll on this page, you'll see a blend of animations created as play projects during my time working at Animade and those crafted during my free time. 
Seal sticker project made in collaboration with Sam Stoney
as a play project at Animade using TV paint and Photoshop.

Initial sketch : Sam Stoney, 
Design and animation by me.
'Dots' project : personal animation project
based on the idea of starting from a yellow dot
with only one other additional colour.
Project entirely made in TV Paint
Halloween animation made for Animade's socials
using TV Paint and After Effects
Play project made at Animade to learn how to rig characters
in After Effects using different rigging techniques and effects. 
Glamorous character being all ears.
Project made in my own time using Procreate
Tiny project for fun made on TV Paint when nature was my only
source of inspiration during lockdown!
'Jumping Shapes' was a quick project made in After Effects
to have fun with the Bend It Effect!
Play project made at Animade in collaboration with Jess Mountfield for Pride 2020.
Concept by me, colour palette by Jess, and animation by the both of us.
I wanted to create a project that could be watched over and over again and would almost hypnotise the viewer with saturated colours and organic shapes in a kaleidoscope layout.
Imagine this animation playing behind a DJ for their concert? How cool would that be!

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