For Royal Mail’s tribute to 50 years of Pride, I helped bringing the incredible Sofie Birkin’s illustrations she created for the new stamps to life!
Illustrator : Sofie Birkin

Executive Creative Director : Ed Barrett
Creative Director : Frida Ek
Animation : Romane Wach, Chris Cocker, Eilidh Reid, Emmanuelle Walker,
Lennon Valinhas, Ross Butter, Sam Jones, Valérie Galchynska
Artworking : Romane Wach, Bekki Leahy, Jacob Stead, James Hatley, Sabine Volkert, Stewart Harvey, Suzanne Matharan, Theresa Haas, Toby Mortimer
Design : Cat Finnie, Jim Billy Wheeler
Producers : Sophie Neophytou, Mariana Conde Grant
Production Assistant : Simona Somma-Mullins
Client Services : Megan Coombes
Script Consultation : Zak Khan
Marketing & PR : Amy Egan, Razia Hussain
Special Thanks : Robert Duncan, Jenna Kirby, Flo Layer

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